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Biomechanics & Ergonomics



The science of assessing the effects of internal and external forces acting on the body and how these effect function and performance.




More specifically is the effect that the work environment has on the body.

All our chartered physiotherapists are highly skilled in the area of assessment of biomechanical and postural misalignment. We are expert in exercise prescription and can devise a custom made rehabilitation programme to treat, correct and prevent recurrence of injury.

We will advise on external factors, orthotics, seating, computer or workstation organisation to reduce strain on the body. This in combination with an exercise programme (which can be supported by our personal trainer /Pilates instructors) is the optimal approach to long term recovery and health from injury even if it is a first incident /protracted injury

Corporate Health


Carrigaline Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic are actively involved in the field of return to work following work related accidents, liaising with occupational health and insurance companies.

  • Ergonomic assessments in the work place.

  • Manual handling, care of your back, keep fit-stay /get active, strength & flexibility for your job, lectures given on site.

  • Risk assessment for injury prevention in the work force.


If you feel your business would benefit from any of the above or you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us

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