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Sports Injury

Opening Hours

The clinic is open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm; please phone to make your appointment on (021) 437 6300.

Alternatively, fill in the form on the 'Contact Us' page, where we will then be in contact by phone or email to confirm your appointment.

We allocate 30 minutes for each consultation and do our best to keep the appointments running on time.

 Our Fees

Our chartered physiotherapy treatment fee is €65.00 per session.
However, help is at hand to recover costs of treatment from your medical insurance and also tax relief is available on all chartered physiotherapy costs.

Chartered physiotherapy is eligible for refund with VHI, Quinn Healthcare, Hibernian Health (Vivas) among others

€20 – € 40 refund from your Health Insurance Company – reimbursement rates vary depending on your health insurance company and we do advise you to check your policy carefully in case of additional terms and conditions.

Tax Relief- is available on all chartered physiotherapy costs. Further information can be found on or by phoning your local tax office.

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